Gas range for my wife

samsung gas range example

Previously I got what I wanted and now I want to give a surprise to my wife as well.

She is in love with cooking, she spends 80% of her free time in the kitchen. She doesn’t cook only for us but for her friends and even for some events as well. Sometimes they found her and order some food – and she made it. She does it since I met her, and that was 20 years ago.

I already noticed that the gas range she uses is not in good condition. She use it every day and that is a tool that’s necessary to continue her hobby. In order to make it possible to her to continue, I want to surprise her with a new and much better gas range.

Unfortunately, I’m not an expert in this topic, so I had to rely on others knowledge. The internet is the perfect place for that. Millions of people share their ideas and previous experiences in relation of every single product that you can imagine. So, it is pretty easy to find out which is the best gas range now in the market. For example on this site: The linked site contains high-variety of gas ranges – several brands and even more type of this product category. I found a pretty big and reliable GE produced gas range for $1000 and I ordered it already. It has 6 burners (I still don’t know how to use all of them at one time), digital sensors with feedback panels and a huge oven.

I asked the online store to make the delivery in the morning when my wife brings our children to school and does the shopping. While she is busy I’ll install it.

I’m sure she will love this new gas range even more – and maybe she will appreciate my endeavour.

Tankless water heater to the man of the house

After a year without taking a proper bath, or having a shower with hot water I made up my mind.

Okay-okay….A father’s duty is to make it’s family to feel the comfort at the highest possible level, but what my dear family did with me is over the level I could tolerate.

I asked them several time not to let out all the hot water from the water system of our house…they nodded and sweared that they won’t but on the same night I had to wash my body with water colder than some murder’s heart.

I already changed the boiler to a bigger one, but that doesn’t helped at all. My little children and my dear wife somehow used the newly available + 20 gallons of hot water.

I begged enough…I’ll buy a tankless water heater.

It’s much more expensive than a boiler but with it’s function to provide hot water anytime without waiting (2-3 hourse) I’ll be satisfied. I’ll cover it’s cost from the money I set aside to provide pocket money to my children and spending money to my wife. They won’t get it for some month…that would be enough. I deserve a water heater!

I already found the perfect one, Rinnai RL94iP. I found it in several a tankless water reviews, a lot says good about this propane fueled beauty. It can heat up much more water than we can use even with two running tap in the same time. This must be enough. It’s already here, next to me, and next week it’s going to be installed. Maybe now I can feel the joy of taking a bath, without have to send my children to a camp…

What you think about it? Do you think I deserve it? I feel a little bit guilty about buying it, but really just a little bit.